Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog Closed

I find out that I don't have much time to manage the blog now.
Kinda busy this year.
So, if you guys want to crack reflexive games, use this patcher.
But remember, in this patcher, use only method 1 or method 3 for reflexive games only.
The antivirus may treat this application as a virus but it doesn't harm just that the problem of program.
When you use, it will guide you.
As for the Game House games, use this patcher.
Patching the game is the same.
Bye Bye!!!

I do not post games anymore.
If the cracks don't work, download the patch and patch yourself.
This is because the cracks are old and reflexive updated their games recently.
The games I uploaded long time ago may not work and may not be downloaded.
If you are download games from reflexive or gamehouse, use the different patches i gave up there.
If it's the game from others, I don't have any idea, sorry.
You can search online but beware of viruses.
Take care.